What am I? Exploration of the self.

What is your personality and what do we find if we drop below it or transcend it? Where does the self begin and where does it end? And who is in control? Body, mind, heart…or something else altogether?

In this workshop we discover different layers of our being through direct experience, working with movement, breath, meditation, journaling and painting. We continuously dive deeper, going through loops of subconscious and conscious understanding, each insight informing our next step for further explorations. For example: an intense physical experience is followed by a phase of intuitive writing, and these words later become the base of our next physical/cognitive/artistic exploration. No talent whatsoever is needed for this process, there is no right or wrong, there is only your individual exploration and expression, all you need to be is open-minded and curious.

This immersion is for you, if you want to experience yourSELF in an out of the ordinary way and have a curiosity about the essence of your being. An inspiring and insightful journey.

65€ Contact: UrbanRetreatsBerlin