Feel better in yourself

Holistic Fitness is a training to make you feel better. We are working your body and mind for YOU to feel comfortable in your body, not to sculpt your body into a certain shape. With a wide array of customised exercises we address your body- mind wellbeing to raise the quality of your life experience.

Holistic Fitness supports you to overcome ailments, move with more ease and embody yourself.

Personal Training in Holistic Fitness

How we train:

Strengthening of muscle chains, improve your ability to coordinate, build stabilising deep muscles, mobilisation of all joints, especially the spine, fascia training, stimulating circulation& vascular conscious breathing, channeling of breath, focusing attention, communicating with the body through visualisation, restorative deep relaxation.

All customised to resonate with you, where you are at and where you want to be.

How you benefit:

Your body will get stronger on all levels. Physiological processes will be supported. Your range of movement will increase. Your mind will be trained to focus and extend the attention span. Your awareness of what your body needs will improve.

It will feel pleasurable to be in your body.


Book a trial class

We should click. Get to know me, the training and my teaching style. 90min-70€

Call or text:

#01577 89 four two 944

Personal Training is taking place at YogaSky, Tempelhofes Berg 7D, 10965 Kreuzberg

or in your own home or office space in 10961-67 Berlin. Or elsewhere on agreement after the trial class. All initial classes take place at YogaSky.


Ten Class Card
60min - 75€ each
90min - 100€ each

To get great and lasting results I ask all clients to commit to a minimum of ten classes.

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Wunderbarer Effekt auf Körper&Geist

Mit einer stimmigen Mischung aus Anspannung und Entspannung konnte ich den wunderbaren Effekt auf Körper und Geist erleben. Gerne empfehle ich Lea weiter, insbesondere denen, die offen für einen Ausgleich zum arbeitsreichen und hektischen Berufsalltag sind.

—Johannes, Unternehmensberater,  Berlin

Deep understanding of the human body

Lea is very knowledgeable and has a deep understanding of the human body, which allows her to tailor each lesson to the individual needs and preferences of her clients. I wholeheartedly recommend her!"

— Antonia, Fotografin, Berlin

Leas original approach is best for me

Working with Lea triggered something in my body. I am free of pain and enjoy all the improvements in posture, fitness and mobility. Having a personal trainer so skilled and well educated and that knows exactly how and where to improve your body is the ultimate luxury and a great investment in yourself. I enjoy the relaxation phase too, it has happened that I reached the meditative “samadhi-state” during guided visualization exercises supporting regeneration. Leas original approach combining Yoga and modern elements is the best approach for me – It nurtures Mind, Body and Soul.  If you can afford it: Do it!

— Johannes, Creative Director, Berlin.



Life is more enjoyable with a body that feels comfortable. Treat your body with care!