Personal Training in english

I am teaching in english for more than a decade, most of my education was in english.

My english isn’t perfect. I chose not to have professional translations for this website- if you understand what Im writing here, you will also understand my instructions.

All coaching seminars in 2019 will be in german only and are therefore not featured on this site.

Info on Workshops and Immersions below.

Workshop: Selfcare for Desktopworkers: June 16, 10am-1pm @UrbanRetreatsBerlin

Personal Training: Yoga

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In Personal Yoga you are initiated deeper into the practice. I will guide you step-by-step according to your constitution, current state and previous training. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.


If you spend your days in front of a screen, this workshop is for you!

A few minutes a day are enough to counterbalance the strains from sitting on the desk all days. You just need to know, when and what your body and mind need to stay strong and alive.

Personal Training: Holistic Fitness

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Holistic Fitness is all about how well you feel in yourself. The training supports you to get over your ailments, move with more ease and become more embodied. Holistic fitness takes care of your body with movement, breathe and relaxation to harvest the good feelings that emerge in a healthy body.

Immersion: What am I? Explorations of the Self. Aug 31, 9am-1pm @UrbanRetreatsBerlin


This immersion is for you, if you want to experience yourSELF in an out of the ordinary way and have a curiosity about the essence of your being. An inspiring and insightful journey.


About Lea

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Why am I obsessed with making people move, breathe and rest better? Read my story, learn about my experience and education.