Do you go with the flow or are you being an asshole?


Just a few words on three high praised qualities in the Yoga context:

going with the flow,

staying true to yourself and

being in tune with the world.

How beautiful if you are able to drop your original plans, stop being uptight about your schedule and instead go with what is presenting itself, embrace the possibilities of the here and now and let yourself be carried away in the magic of the moment.

How empowering if you are able to be in touch with your own needs and gut-feeling and take care of yourself instead of trying to meet the expactations of others and social conventions.  

How inspiring if you are in tune with the natural rhythms of the world, understanding and following specific cosmic energies of moon phases, seasonal changes and so on.

YET, how thin is the line between living that and becoming an egocentric asshole?!


Going with the flow turned sour means you are just not reliable.

Staying true to yourself turned sour simply means you put your own needs and well-being above other peoples needs.

Being in tune with the world turned sour means you just cant keep up continuity in your commitments.


To live with this feeling of being connected to ourselves and something bigger than ourselves we should cultivate these three above mentioned qualities of being fluid, organic and alive,

and equally we need to raise our awareness of what it means to be a social being and how much reliability we owe to others. and ourselves. And that sometimes the beauty of being connected is to be found in being very solid.