Maybe we dont need to understand

Yoga and Science. Two major developments happened in the recent years:

 2.    With the rise of Yoga in the West researcher set out to scientifically dissect the practice. Nowadays there are all sorts of studies on Yoga specifically proving its effectiveness. How it supports organ functions or reduces stress levels and so forth. Certainly helpful as this improved the general acceptance of Yoga in our society, taking Yoga out of the esoteric niche and into the health and wellness market.


1.    Through elaborate medical research there is a new and more complex understanding of the human body and mind. The means and ways how to maintain health according to this new understanding are surprisingly in line with yogic techniques to work with body and mind. Therefore long practiced Yoga techniques are now scientifically proven to be beneficial.


So the meeting of Yoga and Science certainly is an enriching exploration.

Yet, it reminds me of these attempts to explain love.

Why do we fall in love with each other?  Yes, there is a scientific understanding of the love between two humans: we know the biological mechanism, we have evolutionry explanations, we know about the according hormon productions and brain chemistry..but do we really fully understand it?

And do we actually need or even want to understand it? Is it not this little bit of magic that survived in our rational society? For a good reason, because love is beyond the grasp of the rational mind? Something unexplainable, simply belonging to a different dimension than cognition.

I suspect we will only get that far in understanding and explaining Yoga. Similar to love there is this magic component. Maybe we just cannot understand this. And more important, we dont need to understand it. It will be there and work its magic without us being smart about it.