The perfect approach to health and happiness?

Don´t become too technical about it. Keep it alive.

I feel best when I rise early, have my morning practice, stick to clean eating and stay focused on progressing with my work.


AND I feel best when I m free, not being dogmatic, going with the flow and dropping all of the above.


Extended coffee conversation in the sun after sleeping in, neither meditating nor moving my body an inch sometimes is the very best I can do for my health and happiness. This is, when I manage to just embrace it and not feel guilty.

What a difference if every morning I choose to meditate OR I feel like I am obliged to follow my self-created structures or else- feel guilty.

It is the advantage of routines that we don’t have to make these choices consciously every day. Once we established a routine they kind of just happen by themselves, it doesn’t take a lot of effort from our side to make it happen. But, lets be clear that this is a routine of our own making, not a law.

It is absolutely advisable to have routines that help you stay healthy and happy. Yet, we should always have in mind that we established our routines to serve this purpose. As soon as we get too rigid about doing a certain routine just for the sake of doing it, we might miss the point all together.  

For me it works best to stick to my ways with a certain degree of flexibility around it, staying alive in my structures and reminding myself that whatever ways I have established this is NOT the only possible way of doing things.