On Spaces


The human being is fascinating. Who we become and who we are is not fixed at any one moment of our lives.

We can develop various skills, form certain personality traits and take on different body shapes. Accordingly, many people try to actively develop themselves.

We put effort into bringing our potential into being.

And most often the way we approach this, is by trying to work on something in ourselves. While sometimes all it needs to develop is the right context.

Sometimes all it needs for a potent seed to come into growth is a nurturing environment.


Certain facets of our being come alive simply through being with others. They enable us to express traits that we couldnt express without them. Maybe you have this one friend that brings out your silly side, maybe this one friend that inspires you to complex philosophical thougth processes. Maybe you know this one place, where you feel grounded and strong, maybe this one place, where you immediately feel playful and optimistic. Who we become and who we are is in relation to the social and physical spaces we move in.


At mouv.me we are aware of the power of spaces and consciously create them.

Safe and empowering, nurturing and beautiful social and physical spaces.

It is an absolute pleasure to see people blossom in these spaces and a delight to be able to create this experience in stunning locations.

This week with our immersive coaching seminar @re:hof.