Putting effort and being effortless simultaneously

The more effort you put into something, the more you need to make it pleasurable.  When you increase your effort, be sure to raise the pleasure bar as well.


In Asana this means we need to engage fully in the essential actions of the pose, while at the same time, disengage everywhere else. If we work with a complex pose that involves a variety of different actions in different areas of the body , like pulling, pushing, twisting and bending all at the same time, we should be attentive to direct our efforts precisely.  Meaning, there is the tendency to engage parts of the body as well, that are totally unrelevant to the movement pattern. Typically we find that unneccessary and unbeneficial engament happens in the face, forehead and jaw specifically, or in the neck and shoulder area.

Learning to stay soft in some parts of the body while fully and precisely engaging in other body parts translates beautifully to everyday life.

Through the practice of Yoga you learn to direct your efforts and your attention more precisely. You get trained to engage in very complex mental tasks without getting stressed.  You will become more aware to unbeneficial physical engagement like tensing the face or stiffening the shoulders when working fully concentrated.

You learn how to only use the effort it takes to accomplish a specific task without burning extra- energy on actions that are not even helpful for the task. You become smarter in the use of your resources and keep your energy levels high.

Small, yet impactful differences that make our lives more pleasurable.