The I-E-Body-Field-Q


When we talk about somebodys intelligence we almost always refer to their mental capacities. I well remember the IQ tests from my childhood. My mom was a teacher and she had big book with exemplatory IQ tests that you had to finish within a set amount of time. I loved doing it, lying on the carpet and just enjoying solving the quizzes, finding the logic.

And most certainly having well developed mental capacities and intellectual strength is helpful to solve some of the tasks we have to master in our life.

Yet, there was so much emphasis on mental strength that we forgot for a long time to also train, develop and simply appreciate the other of our intelligences that we can draw upon to navigate through life.


Emotional strength was the next intelligence that got regognition from science. It became popular as EQ, including a range of good personal emotional and social skills.

It is obvious that dealing with our own emotions is a clever way and being socially skilled is massively determining how well we manage to create a good life for us. Not to even to talk about the importance for our communities, for us as a society.

Then there is Body-IQ that gets increasing attention with more research and a rise of practices in the somatic field. It is based on the understanding that there is an inherent intelligence in the body that is self-regulative. Yet you can also develop it or simply activate it by allowing it to operate instead of repressing it. Very simple example that most people experiened themselves: if you are wiped out and go with your body intelligence, you rest and allow time for healing to occur. If you repress the signals, you just pop some painkillers and an activating stimulant, maybe a triple espresso and keep up with the same speed, not allowing the body to regulate itself.

And then I dare to say there is another intelligence operating within us that is transcending the individual limits. It is an intelligence bigger than the personal, it is the interconnected, omnipresent field consciousness that we can plug into. Here, the only skill we need to have on a personal level is to learn to access that field intelligence.


All of the above mentioned intelligences are a resource for us to create a good living experience for ourselves. They all can be used, they all can be trained, they all are equally important and valid human skills.

Each of them has its own field of operating.

For some decisions and actions, it is best to listen to our Body-IQ, for example when to rest, eat, move.

For other decisions and actions, its best to listen to our EQ, for example when to overstep social protocol and just hug somebody.

Same holds true for the IQ, there are gazillion of decisions and action that we can reliably base on our mental judgment capacities.


The field intelligence is maybe the most subtle resource and yet equally powerful. Plugging into field consciousness leads us to a state of understanding and knowing that we could never achieve within the boundaries of our individual being. We are just about to discover and use this in more depth. The first steps are on a verbal or written communication level in combination with our mental capacities: this expresses in the rise of co-creative working, utilizing the swarm intelligence and so on. I guess, within the next years plugging into that field consciousness in a more direct way then through the mental plane will become increasingly interesting for our individual and societal development.

How much do you listen to your thoughts, to your heart, to your body, to your intuition, the magical and mystical signs?

And could it at times maybe serve you to listen more to one of them?

For now I finish this brief exploration with questions:

what if something in you knows better than your mind does?

What if something in you is smarter than your thoughts?