Doing nothing is doing a lot


Sometimes the very best thing to get stonger, more clear and creative is to pause all active doing.

When we allow ourselves to just rest our body and mind we step out of the way of a much needed process: reflecting, integrating, rewiring, rebuilding.

Whether it is a strong workout, inspiring mental input or an emotional experience- its true power only unfolds in combination with rest time. Therefore I much more prefer to call resting ,„doing differently“ instead of „doing nothing“.

We all know this example: you actively wrap your head around a problem. Deeply analyse it, discuss it with other, get new impulses to work with it, but still dont seem to get clarity on it. It is when you go for a walk, doing nothing, doing differently, that all the sudden you have an insight and start to understand.

Mental, emotional and physical processes all need time and space to unfold.


At MOUV we are doing a lot of doing nothing and it is doing a lot.

It is an integrative part of strength building. It is an integrative part of any transformational process.

In our holistic coaching immersions ZEIT FÜR MEHR we put an emphasis on keeping the balance between intense work and mental input AND time to doing differently: going to to the sauna, chatting in the sun, walking through the forest or just staring into the sky swell as a guided session into deep relaxation at the end of each seminar day. Like that, the mental and emotional work our participants do gets integrated on a deeper level and leads them to a much more sustainable transformation.

Like always in this blog just a few words about a vast topic. If you want to inquire more, feel free to contact me for detailled information about our program.