Stay cool when you get tangled up


Definetly one of the most promising prospects of Yoga: you stay cool when you get tangled up in life.

This doesnt mean that as a practitioner of Yoga you are already totally liberated from the ups and downs of life. There still will be emotions like grief, anger, frustration and disappointment. Yet, they wont take the same toll on you.

We learn to stay awake with the pain, meeting it with full awareness and giving it the space it needs. Trusting that it will pass. And it will pass, right through us.

The holding down and locking in of emotional pain instead will have much more of a longterm effect on how we move through life, it will dictate us.

Yoga enables us to embrace these emotions without letting them overpower us. Yoga gives us the strenght to be able to hold emotional pain without needing to numb ourselves and setting of into a devastating trip of downward spiraling.

Whatever hardship you are facing in life Yoga eases your pain. How exactly does this work?

In Yoga we train to create some distance to ourselves, becoming observers of our thoughts and emotions and disidentifying from them.

Also through direct experience we deepen our understanding and strengthen our trust that all things are transient, nothing ever stays forever, everything will pass.

And the practice of Yoga boost our confidence to be able to deal with difficult, challenging situations in a calm and constructive manner.


At MOUV.ME we don’t just train muscles, we always train your whole being to set yourself up for an amazing life. Welcome!

This is not the easy fast track. It takes training, commitment and trust in the process. But the prospect of experiencing life in all its colours with ever getting destroyed by it is worth the try.