Tidying up your bodymind. pt 4

Imagery amplifies movement amplifies liberation


In the previous two blog posts we discussed how we can use conscious movement (using our willpower to tense and release specific body parts) and imagery (accessing areas of our body through imagination) to release tension and become more liberated in our body.

Todays post is about combining movement and imagery as a very pleasurable and effective way to release tension.


Fueling movement with enhansive imagery adds a whole new quality to the movement itself and amplifies the effect it has on the bodymind.


Lets say you have tensed shoulders. As a matter of fact the majority of us always holds at least a little tension in this area due to the movement patterns of our lifestyle, so chances are high that you too will benefit from losening up in this area.

Now if you move your shoulders, losen them up through circular motion, you will benefit and feel a release of tension in that area. I encourage you to try this now to get a better understanding of what I am talking about. Just circle your shouders forward and up and backwards  and down a few times.


This effect will be amplified if you add supportive imagery to this movement.


The joints just smoothly glide in the warm oil. With every movement you are massaging this warm thick liquid deeper into the flesh surrounding your shoulder joints. Warmly oiled you move more smoothly with each and every circle. The movement of the shoulders becoming ever more fluid in the warm oil.

Now imagine your shoulder joints and everything around is smeared with soft smooth oil deep inside. As you move your shoulders thorugh this warm comforting liquid your shoulders get increasingly oiled.


Coud you notice a differnce in the quality of the movement? Obviously it is always helpful to have somebody guide you through the imaginative part. But maybe even trying it by yourself you could feel how the movement is enhanced by setting an additional impulse on the mental plane through imagery.

This is just a brief introduction to showcase it as one of the many methods of tidying up your bodymind. Stay tuned for a more in-depth exploration of this principle and/or for the next method of tidying up your bodymind: through BREATH.

There are endless ways on how we can use the amplified power of imagery-fueled movement for our benefits and it is a key element of training the bodymind at MOUV.