Tidying up your bodymind. pt2

In the last post we talked about why tidying up our bodymind is an important element of both: a regular selfcare hygiene routine AND a deeper process of restructuring our bodymind. As a regular selfcare routine we aim to release tension to ensure we are moving through life with ease and freedom in our expressions.


The deeper process of releasing tensions in the bodymind aims to loosen up internal patterns that determine how we perceive and approach the world. Being liberated from these patterns opens up opportunities to step into life with a whole new attitude, a new perspective on oneself and the environment.

There is a variety of effective ways to release tensions from the body. Each of these methods has their very own flavor and benefits and it really is a matter of context to decide which one is the right for you and the specific tensions you experience.  

In this and the coming posts I will introduce some of the methods we work with at MOUV.

Raising muscle awareness.


Often enough we are not even aware that we are holding tension in our body. Therefore we use a method to educate ourselves about how to be more alert to tension building up unconsciously and then consequently releasing this tension consciously.

In this method we consciously tense isolated parts of our body and then release them.

To increase our ability to control the tensing and relaxing in a certain body part, we do not only work with opposites, going from the maximum of tension to the maximum of relaxation, but also with holding different degrees of tension, 30%, 60% etc.

The difference between tensed and relaxed becomes very tangible. We forcefully tense a body part and hereby bring consciousness into the action of tensing. Through tensing this body part with our willpower we are taking ownership of the tensing. We become the conscious drivers of this process and therefore also are enabled to work this area in the opposite way, meaning relaxing it completely.


When we work with maximum tension and relaxation there is another layer contributing to the release. Tensing a body part to the very maximum simply becomes unbearable, so there is a very physical mechanism of needing to release.


Now this one is a little harder to do by yourself, but lets give it a go: same movement, rise your shoulder 20% of your capacity- hold-, 60%- hold-, 90%- hold-, 100%,-hold- the release to 70%- hold-, 30%- hold-, release completely.

Maybe you get an idea of how working with tensing like that, in degrees, teaches you how to sense rising tension and how to efficiently release it.

What am I talking about? Try it out yourself:

rise up your shouder to your ear as high as possible, touching your ears with your shoulder, rising the even higher, and even higher and then letting them drop down.

The sensation of fully tensing the shoulder/neck area becomes so intense and maybe even painful that your bodys natural reaction is wanting to release.

So, this is one method where we work with physical impulses to adress the tension. In the next post I will introduce a method using mental impulses to release tension in the body.

As always, you are most welcome to share your experiences, thoughts and questions below.