Tidying up your body mind. pt 3

As announced we will next have a look at working with mental impulses to release tension in the body.


Creating space through Imagery

The mind is a powerful tool. Our bodies do not differentiate between what is real, happening in the outside world, and what in imagined, created in our inner space. If you dream that you are falling from a cliff, your body reacts with the same stress response as it would in the real situation.

This approach is in the wider area of auto-suggestion. The body responds much more strongly to images than to words. So rather than telling our lower belly to „Relax!“ we create an image that the body understands.

We take advantage of these synergies between mind and body, imagination and physiological response. At MOUV we use images as a way to communicate with our body.

Please try it out yourself: tell your lower belly to relax. See what happens.

And then imagine a ball of warm orange-red light under the belly button spreading out warmth and light in all directions. Close your eyes and really see this ball of warm light, feel it.


Working with imagery is very beneficial when we want to guide the whole bodymind system into a state or rejuvenation, when we work with deeper layer of our body that are hard to reach with movement or touch and when we want to promote profound regeneration in specific body parts.

For most people the physical response working with an image is more effective regarding relaxation.

And it seems like deeper areas than the muscles can be penetrated with imagination.

Working with imagery has the capacity to activate our self-healing power.

Plus, it is just a beautiful experience to go on an imagined journey in your mind.

What is your experience in influencing the body mind through imagination? Feel free to share below.