Tidying up your bodymind. pt1

„MOUVing is not neccessarily about gaining, having more strength, flexibility, range of motion and coordination.

We equally MOUV to have less and become less.

Have less thoughts and emotions that weight us down, shed layers of our being that dont serve us anymore.“



With everyone obsessing about decluttering ones home the Marie Kondo style I felt called to write a few words about decluttering ones bodymind. For this is the home you always reside in.

The same principles apply, the very first step in making your home a more comfortable place to live in, is to get rid of anything you dont need. Stuff you dont need ranges from metabolic waste to physical tension to unbeneficial thoughts and burried emotions.



Detoxifying from metabolic waste is the known and easy one and we wont get into the details of it here.

Get a good sweat on, drink plenty, do a fast- there is a lot of media coverage about how to support your body to eliminate toxins.

If you ever considered going on a juice fast, Berliners, I personally highly recommend:

LA Coldpress, (20% on all cleanses throughout January.)




But how can we efficiently release physical tension and potentially at the same time- now here is where it gets interesting- release the thoughts and emotions that caused the tension?

Every thought and emotion we have becomes solid in our body. Our inner world (in)forms our body, thoughts and emotions manifest in the body. Most symptoms of physical tension are caused by unbeneficial thoughts and blocked/ unexpressed emotions.

Obviously there are symptoms of physical tension that are unrelated to emotions, for example caused by lack of movement, unilateral strain, malnutrition or injury. We will still greatly benefit from losening up these tense areas with an increased sense of wellbeing.

The less tensed in the body, the more free we are. Most essentially free from pain. And then becoming increasingly free to move in all sorts of ways.

We are not only moving to get our body from A to B, or to lift that fork towards our mouth. The way we move is an expression of who we are. Who we are shows itself through our gestures, posture or even the way we walk. The way we literally move through this world is an articulation of our being.

By releasing tension in our body a new range of motion becomes available for us and with it, a new range of expressing who we are.


This is why the yummi feeling you get from losening up your stiff shoulders not only stays in that area but spreads throughout your whole being. You walk away not only feeling different in that area but with a different feeling in yourself altogether.  

Yet, this is just the beginning, the real gold lies in losening up the tense areas that hold emotions. If there is worry stiffening up your shoulder or grief knotting up your chest you will benefit tremendously from releasing the tension.

The tricky part is: most of the time we are not even aware that we hold tension, where we hold tension, how to release the tension or why we hold this tension.

Luckily, we dont have to worry about why we hold the tension. It simply doesnt matter. If you know, what thought/emotion/memory caused the tension and is now released: great; if not: great! Something you dont need got cleared out, thats all that matters.

How to become aware of tension and how to release it? Stay tuned.

For today I leave you with a simple question. Just see what pops up when you ask yourself:

What in my bodymind is not needed and should be released?