To support people feel better in themselves and therefore generally in life, this gets me excited.

It is such a rewarding profession. I experience how people who truly feel good in themselves are a treat for everyone around, capable of being there for others and spreading their good feelings. In my own way I want to contribute to a world where people feel better. Supporting individuals through conscious movement, one by one. And moving society towards a more humane way of being with each other.

I work with Yoga, Holistic Health and conscious lifestyle for more than a decade.

I teach and mentor individual and groups internationally, i.e. on Bali, the Bahamas, in Japan and currently mostly in Berlin.

What my work is based upon..

Trainings: in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, classical Hatha Yoga and therapeutic Yoga. Mentoring of Yoga teachers in basic and advanced training modules. Immersions: three extended residencies in traditional Ashrams (Rishikesh, Indien/ NeyyarDam, Indien/ Paradise Island, Bahamas) // three Vipassana 10day silent meditation retreats (Pushkar, Indien/ Kyoto, Japan / Triebl, Deutschland) five weeklong Hatha Yoga Immersions with Clive Sheridan in Japan and Germany Continuing education Yoga:Alignment and assists with YogaJaya, Tokyo, Japan // Back and Joints with Tom Beyer, Berlin // Applied Anatomy with Peter Greve, Berlin // Assistant at Society of Friends, Practise for Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy, Berlin. Seminars in dance and movement therapy, Embodiment and somatic: LifeArt Process by Anna Halprin, Tanzfabrik Berlin // Body School- Applied Anatomy mit Malcom Manning, Tanzfabrik Berlin // Body Process with Sarah Shelton Mann, Tanzfabrik Berlin // In search of a soul, Butoh with Tebby w. Ramasike, Kunsthaus Bethanien Berlin // Continuum Movement Method Intensive with Kai Erhard, Somatische Akademie Berlin // Somatics Intensive at Body-IQ Festival 2015 and 2016, Somatische Akademie Berlin. Further seminars in other disciplines: Craniosacral Therapy with Gary Roba, Ubud, Bali // Certification Course Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Goa, Indien// Initiation into Reiki, Rishikesh, Indien // Generative Trance Coaching with Steve Gilligan, Abano Therme, Italien.

How it all started..

Just after finishing my first Yoga class ever on this deserted beach in Australia the teacher predicted: you will teach one day!

And indeed, I never stopped practicing again. I did my first teacher training while doing my masters degree. Followed by several weeks on the Bahamas, several months in India and several years mentoring in teacher trainings on Bali.

A lot of time has passed since this first Yoga class, no longer a young student I am now a mom right in the middle of life. Yet with every year, with every life experience I have a growing fascination for the impact of movement, breath, imagination and calm.

I continuously evolve my understanding of the interplay between body and mind,

educating myself in applied anatomy, mouvement technique, dance therapy, somatics and embodiment methods.

Just as much as I am researching and learning, I am devoted to that which is beyond our grasp, the magic of the practice. Since 2011 I am a certified Advanced Yoga teacher (RYT 500+); my journey is far from being over.

In gratitude..

Clive Sheridan, Emil Wendel, Patrick Oancia, Simon Borg-Olivier, Edward Clarke, Dena Kingsberg, Dave Stringer, David Williams, Chris Kummer, Daniel Aaron, Tim Miller, Manuela Heider de Jahnsen, Sara Shelton Mann, Steve Gilligan, Kai Erhard and my sisters.


Humanitarian warriorness, you wouldn’t settle for anything less, than justice, peace and happiness.

from a poem a dear friend wrote for me